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Hofner Model 176-Z Solid Deluxe - 1968

By Hofner

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The Hofner Model 176-Z Solid Deluxe 1968.  Super-rare version of the 176 model. In 1968, Hofner added a 176-Z model into their catalogue for that year and 1969. The letter "Z" was used by Hofner to indicate a guitar that was fitted with a fuzz circuit.  Production ceased in 1969 when Hofner introduced the 179 model.  Unfortunately, the fuzz circuit in this one has been taken out; it still has the controls on the pickguard and a hole in the back where the battery would have been. I guess this means there’s room for someone with a bit of know-how to put in another fuzz circuit? Just saying. The good thing about this missing is that it keeps the price way down; if it had the circuit I’m sure it would be more expensive. Oh, by the way, playability is great and so are those three humbucking pickups!  Comes with a gig bag.


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