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Hoyer Special - 1955

By Hoyer

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Circa 1955, this old gem is little bit fancier than the usual Hoyer’s we see; probably more along the lines of a top-end Hofner. With awesome-bound neck, and fantastic inlays, crazy huge German-carve body, this one doesn’t go unnoticed!  Possibly a little bit rarer than other Hoyer Specials as this one has regular “f” holes as opposed to the cool cats-eye sound-holes that seem to be the norm. (I’m sure a true Hoyer collector will correct me on this). Sighting down the neck I can see a couple of smooth bumps but when I play in those areas, it plays true. I’d say this guitar has had some nice fret dressing done to cater for those bumps. We’ve kept this in mind when pricing this guitar too as I’ve seen these guitars go for big dollars. All in all, this is a beautiful, big-bodied 50’s archtop and is a credit to the builders of this era. Comes with a huge and very cool shaped Stamford Australia case.



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