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Ibanez Artcore AF105 Custom - 2006

By Ibanez


Sorry, this product is sold out!

Ibanez guitars have built-up an amazing reputation over the years so I immediately think of great quality and beautifully-made guitars when one turns up.  This one is no exception!  The wood in this one looks fantastic with lots of flame-maple in the top, back and sides. Abalone inlays on the fingerboard look the business and it has a comfortable-feeling neck that’s nice and easy to play.  Everything looks solid and sturdy on this well-made guitar; the pickguard is made of wood and so is the tailpiece, truss rod and even the knobs! The fretwork on this guitar is very good too; not often do you find this sort of fretwork on a production guitar.  The original pickups sound real nice and are open to playing just about any style but If you want to get into jazz on a budget, then this guitar is for you.  No case.

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