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Jansen Beatmaster - c.1965

By Jansen

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Vintage Jansen guitars are hard to come by these days, especially the Beatmaster, Jansen’s Tele-style offering of the day. New Zealand’s Jansen is a similar to Australia’s Maton, they made cool electric guitars though the 60’s with a little bit of quirk in their designs. Jansen followed the more Fender-ish route. This one has had a lot of player changes throughout its life and has its bound Tele-like body hidden underneath a layer of white paint, the neck has been refinished as well. Pickups are a great-sounding 70’s DiMarzio set and the bridge is a newer 3 saddle design, pots, pickguard and tuners are changed too. Luckily, being a player’s guitar, this one plays real good and sounds real good too. I kinda wish it had a box of old parts with it but unfortunately, it doesn’t; it would be a great project to bring back to a more original state. Anyway, as it is, this is a really good guitar to play and use for gigging; something a little bit different as well. No case.

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