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Kay Galaxie - 1965

By Kay

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Fantastic old Kay Galaxie from 1965. These were made from 1961 to 1966 and have tons of cool features including; An excellent honey-burst factory finish with the famous Barney Kessel “Kleenex Box” P-35 pickup, “guitar-pick” fingerboard position markers, awesome Kay headstock logo, neat pickguard with music stand logo. (these pickguards are usually  missing!), cool chrome tailpiece and, looking through the “F” hole I can see the original electrics; two pots and a nice old capacitor; perfect for that vintage tone!  The neck has a big fat “C” shape and feels great and I really like the simplicity in the design of the bridge which has a long piece of fret-wire for the strings to pass over. The resonant hollow-body, oozes tone and this guitar is great for blues or just strum your favourite pop song. 

Looking for a cool vintage hollow body guitar with heaps of mojo? Here it is. Comes with its amazing two-tone, original soft shell case. (OSSC)

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