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Larrivee O-01 Parlor Guitar - 2003

By Larrivee

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For some reason, every time I see the name Larrivee it reminds me of Larabee from Get Smart; no idea why!  Actually, I’ve heard that people in the UK didn’t have Get Smart on their TV’s like we did and don’t usually get the joke “Good Thinking 99”. (I wonder if this is true; let me know someone).  Alas, I digress, once more…This exquisite little parlor guitar from Larrivee (not Larabee) is a little sweetheart; A beautiful bottom end, sweet mids and articulate highs emanate from its small body. It resonates in a charming way and it sounds a lot older than its years. Condition is not shy of excellent, frets have hardly any wear and the C shape neck feels very comfortable to play. All in all, just a really sweet guitar to play. Comes with a HSC.

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