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Line 6 JTV-59 Variax - 2017

By Line 6

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We know what these guitars do, but it’s worth mentioning that the guitar itself is really well-made and without any effects engaged, it’s got a great tone, good sustain and plays beautifully. They’ve come along way over the years and if you enjoy technology and a good solid guitar, you’ll love this thing!  As far as the effects go, you twist the knob and the output to your amp will tell you you’ve just switched guitars!  With choices from Telecaster style to Gretsch style to Les Paul style, you really have a whole guitar rack at the twist of the control. You can also change the tuning - the strings won’t start changing tension but the sound will. Once you get used to it it’s really cool! Pity I never learned to play in more than one tuning, out of tune at that! A really awesome tool to have if you do a lot of recording at home or in the studio and a serious axe at the same time.  Comes with an SKB shaped hard case. This guitar was also used in the musical production of Jersey Boys.





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