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Line 6 JTV-69 Variax James Tyler - 2014

By Line 6

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Line 6 make some cool stuff; Play one of these things without a pickup and it feels like a good guitar as it is. This one is no exception - a nice weight with great feeling medium neck.  The effects always blow my mind on these as they tune into the guitar really well for a genuine feel. You can get everything from a Tele to a Gretsch to a jazz-box to an acoustic! Drop D, open G,  you name it!  If you took away all the superficial things about guitars you wouldn’t worry about owning anything other than this! The other cool thing about these; if you’re a traveller; it’s the electric guitar that does everything or if you are a composer in a home studio; everything is on one package, on tap!  Pickguard has been changed but original comes with it.  Comes with a gig bag.





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