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Maison Les Paul TV Junior Copy - 1992

By Maison

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Rarely seen are these Maison copies from the early 90’s. They were made in Korea, to a budget, and featured cool icons from Gibson’s golden era. This one is a copy of a Les Paul TV Junior, although a somewhat much brighter-looking version than the limed mahogany finishes of the originals. It features a single P-90 style pickup, a bolt-on neck, slim-taper-ish neck (a bit fatter in the shoulders) and a wrap-over tailpiece. The neck has a couple of small bumps in it but playability is good, the tuners aren’t great (cheapy factory tuners) but the pickup has a bark in it that makes up for both of those! It is what it is; an honest cheaper version of a Les Paul Junior that could be improved. It’s also fun to play; I like it. No case.


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