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Maton Coolibah CFT 175 - 1967

By Maton


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A lovely old artifact from Maton, Australia. This was one of the last built, of this model, made in 1967; Supposedly, 339 of these beasts were made between 1966 and 1967, but a Google search turns up no pics of any other examples! (Where are they all?) The C.F.T. aka “Coolibah Flat Top”, was a student-level guitar made from laminated woods. This one has had the tuners changed (originals in the case) so it tunes up real nice; we’ve just put some new strings and re-slotted the nut, so it sounds beautiful as well. Not really a deep-sounding dreadnought, more of a boxy tone that would suit recording parts in a song but those parts would pop and find their own little place in the sound spectrum! Or, if you just want to sit on the back deck and strum a few tunes, whilst drinking several stubbies of beer, this one will cut it perfectly! The neck is a very slim C shape that feels great in the hand; Vintage Maton necks have a wonderful feel about them and are very reminiscent of old Gretsch necks. The action is excellent, finish is original and showing checking all over, (looks very cool!), the bridge has four old screws in it that look original to me, and is stable with no lifting. It’s had an old refret with hardly any playing since, so frets have 99% meat on them with no grooves. Although a low-level Maton, this one still has some lovely features, such as the ornate headstock scroll-like pattern, the wonderful metal “Maton” badge at the end of the neck, and not to mention, the awesome brown original Stamford case that it comes in, with the original warranty card still intact. All in all, this is a nice little package that would suit a collector or player alike.



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