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Maton F-10 Classical Guitar - 1972

By Maton

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If you were a school-kid back in 1972, taking guitar lessons, then chances are you were playing one of these!  Maton churned out two-trillion of these guitars from 1965 to 1975, well, actually, it was 8186; but that is a high number for a Maton guitar model as most of their electric models, for instance, were only churned out in hundreds and sometimes less than a hundred!  This is one of the survivors!  This is quite a nice guitar to play and has a sweet classical guitar sound. I’ve heard a few of these over the years and must say Maton were good at building them as they still have a nice tone. (Nope, it’s nothing like a Ramirez!)   It features some sturdy production ideas like the bridge being screwed down at the factory, so it’s never coming off and a set of decent tuners that work.  I particularly like the way they painted the edge of the top to make it appear like the guitar had binding similar to their the top-shelf models. This one shows quite a few chips in that bit of paintwork along with scratches, bumps and some grazes but still looks nice and functions well. Comes with a cool old cardboard case.


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