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Mesa Boogie King Snake Combo Limited Edition - 2015

By Mesa Boogie

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An awesome, high-end tube amp with very useable volume, great cleans to awesome breakup managed with the option of two volume controls and a master. You can drive the amp with volume 1 and pull the amp down with volume 2 (or vice versa.. or crank both!) and then temper the whole lot with the master volume. All that is great but it needs to be said that you can’t beat a good amp like this - you can pull some awesome tones out of it and it’s really not quite Fender, Marshall or Vox. I would say it’s closer to black face Fender with the added richness of a pushed Supro-style amp. Sounds like it must be pretty good? Because it is! Switchable from 10 watts to 60 watts and then to 100 watts making it useful for home or gigs. Also, it’s SNAKESKIN!  Cool! This is an updated replica of Carlos Santana’s 1971 Mesa Boogie with Limited Edition number 255 of 400 made, it’s also signed by him and Randall Smith from Mesa Boogie.


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