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Mosrite Avenger MIJ - 1968

By Mosrite

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My friend Tim, from Tym’s guitars, knows all about these, so please just email him instead of me with questions about this one!  Just kidding, I’ll try and describe everything right here. This little beauty is from c.1968, made in Japan, not sure which company, and features a beautiful wine red translucent finish coupled with two Mosrite single coil pickups and the Moseley-style vibrato tailpiece. Weight is medium to heavy, (9.34 lbs), because there’s quite a lot of body wood involved here, and with a slick German carve around the outside top edge; this old beast is cool. (A mate of mine said I used the word “cool” quite a bit, but I can’t help it, this thing really is COOL!)  Playability is great, frets are plentiful and, probably the weakest link is the original tuners that are crap but still hanging in there; I’ve been bashing away on it for 10 minutes and it’s still in tune. If you were gigging it, maybe you would  put something better on it.  Other than that, I really like this guitar; pickups have a nice edgy-bite to them which I think would suit a lot of different styles of music. Great guitar! No case.

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