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National Resophonic Mahogany Tricone M1 - 2011

By National


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A classic-looking warm mahogany M1 Tricone resonator by the renowned National brand. I strummed this before I took it out of the case and knew instantly where I was heading. That bluesy, rumbling mid-sound that these produce is instantly recognizable. Fortunately for me the action is great on this one and I could get by without the need for a slide. Fortunately for everyone else too because slide is not my forte!  Plugged in, the National pickup does its job and is quite smooth too, largely thanks to the nice area it covers under the strings, in what I would imagine, is the sweet spot. National have been building these things for a long time so I wouldn’t argue with that! Neck has that slight V shape to it and feels great!  Lovely old guitar, actually, it’s not that old but you could easily be fooled by the sweet tone emanating from this guitar! Comes with a hard shell case.



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