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Orville LPS 75C Goldtop MIJ - 1996

By Orville

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I plugged this one in and my brain instantly went back in time to be reminded of the Waddy Wachtel tone!  This thing screams in a super-toneful way!  The weight (9.56 lbs) is classic Les Paul beef and It feels great too, with a medium C shape neck!  The maple top appears to be a 2 piece with a nice “dish” as well. The nerve centre of this guitar is the upgraded Gibson Classic 57 pickups that work a treat, giving that glassy, sustaining Les Paul sound. Tuners have been upgraded to Gotoh’s as well. Overall it’s in great shape with a few inconsequential bumps and some genuine player’s wear. This guitar is a high quality Les Paul for a price that’s a little easier on the wallet and well worth the most discerning Les Paul enthusiasts consideration. Comes with a Hiscox case.

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