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Ovation Typhoon Bass Cherry - 1968

By Ovation


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I can’t help but pluck out bass lines that sound like they are straight out of a 60’s cop movie, with long American cars doing even longer power slides around the Streets of San Francisco! This weapon of bass destruction, punches out a glorious and inspiring tone that will inspire you too! The body has given into some light ageing with a fantastic patina, but in terms of wear the guitar is clean as a whistle! The machine heads have recently been replaced with some free-turning Gotoh’s. This bass is a winner and certainly not lacking in character, refer to my opening statement! Oh yeah, as used by Danny Partridge in The Partridge Family,  (played by Danny Bonaduce, who I actually met a few years back, but that’s another story for another day…) See the killer pic I found of him rockin' out!  No case.


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