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PRS CE 22 - 1995

By Paul Reed


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This is a really cool guitar to play. The 5 position rotary switch allows for an array of real useful sounds. Positions 1,3 and 5 are humbuckers; neck, both on and bridge pickup, whilst position 2 and 4 cater to those cool in-between sounds. All 5 sounds are sonically spot-on. Playing-wise; this one feels great, in fact, I’ve never played a bad PRS; with the quality parts they use, these things are a joy to work on and they set-up beautifully. It features an orange transparent flame-top that looks killer-bee along with those happy little birds flying along the fretboard. (Which reminds me, I saw two Magpies fighting the other day and they were still chortling along in a happy song; very weird). Moving right along; the tremolo works a treat, locking tuners do the job, weight is 8.59 lbs, the neck is a bolt-on which seems to add some nice trebles into the overall sound.  Neck profile is a slim to medium D shape, condition is very good for its age no major dings. All in all, this is a useable, great-playing PRS. Comes with original case. 


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