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Rickenbacker 4001 Bass Wine Red - 1978

By Rickenbacker

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This bass has been gigged and loved by the same person for many years! It’s set-up perfectly and almost plays itself! The original pickups are some of the best I’ve heard in Ricky basses. They have a rubbery, resonant tone and all three positions sound amazing. I’ve heard plenty of these where the bridge pickup is the weakest link but not on this bass. Original wine red finish shows a few nicks, scratches and small dings here and there but has a lovely vintage patina. Being a player’s bass, this one has seen a few aesthetic mods from its owner like, a black metal Schecter pickguard, (mmm, maybe this helps with the tone?), recessed bridge for a lower action, and as an interesting touch, the truss rod cover is the original USA white with black writing but has been painted black with cream writing; looks very cool actually, as does this bass as a whole. A brass nut has been added and the bridge pickup surround has been painted black to match the guard. Pots, switch, tuners and bridge are all original. Weight is 10.16 lbs. Not too heavy. Overall, yes you guessed it, it’s a cracker! Comes with a HSC.





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