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Suzuki WT-100 Acoustic - 1973

By Suzuki

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A nice old K. Suzuki from the early 70’s that has a great action, a solid top, full D shape neck, some grooves on the first three frets, a wee bit of top distortion and belly and looks like the bridge may have been re-glued at some stage. But apart from that, this one rings loud, warm and clear. It has a big, sweet bottom-end but with a crisp clarity that projects each note.  Despite the fret grooves, chords don’t sound out of tune. Overall condition is pretty decent as well.  Set up as a 6-string, this is a good guitar for big hands; nice and wide with a tad more spacing between the strings. (Little hands like can still pay it too though) and there’s always the option of putting another 6 strings on it for a huge-sounding 12 string acoustic! No case.

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