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Taiko Standard Series JST-62 - 2010

By Taiko

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A rather interesting looking guitar this one; I did a double take when I first looked at it. Yes that’s right, it’s predominantly a Tele with Strat pickups and pickguard! What crazy person thought of this? Or were they a genius? I’ll leave you to ponder that question while I tell you a little bit more about it. It sports a ’58 Fender Blonde finish, see through to the ash body, that looks great, a fat “C” shape maple neck that plays beautifully, pickups sound great, and the condition is excellent. I went to plug it in on the side and was surprised to see no output jack; it’ son the top like a Strat! Fooled me!  It’s really nice to play and sounds great too. Comes with a gig bag.



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