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Teisco YG-6 - 1964

By Teisco

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Rarely seen, are these Teisco YG-6 models! (I have a red one!) This handsome 3 pickup tobacco sunburst weapon plays and sounds great! The pickups on this one are hot single coil units and are one of my favourite sounding pickups. (Also, well-liked by David Lindley). The metal pickguard adds heaps of sustain and crunch to the sound of this guitar. Neck is a nice fat “C” shape and I really like the 4-2 headstock with a metal plate on it that also adds sustain. This one is missing the tremolo arm but I’m sure we can make up something that will fit it. If you want a crunchy, tough-sounding single coil sound, then this one is for you!  Comes with a gig bag.

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