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Teisco YG-6 Metallic Mocha - 1964

By Teisco


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Rarely seen, are these Teisco YG-6 models!  This handsome 3 pickup metallic-mocha weapon plays and sounds great! The paint is a light mocha colour with with very small metallic particles in it; it looks very nice in the flesh! The pickups are hot single coil units and are one of my favourite-sounding pickups. (Also, well-liked by David Lindley). The metal pickguard adds heaps of sustain and crunch to the sound of this guitar. Neck is a nice fat “C” shape and I really like the 4-2 headstock with a metal plate on it that also adds sustain.  Someone has modified the end of the neck and angled it off for some reason, (similar to a Mosrite) but it doesn't affect either tone or application.  Although frets are very thin and low from the factory, it still plays well and has a couple of light grooves on the first few frets that don't affect intonation. Switches and tuners all work well.  Weight is on medium to heavy side at 8.37 lbs. If you want a crunchy, tough-sounding single-coil sound and an interesting Japanese vintage guitar as well, then this one is for you!  Comes with a gig bag.

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