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Teuffel Birdfish Sapphire Blue - 2000

By Teuffel


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Not sure where to start with this guitar! I’ve seen many weird and wonderful guitars in my time, and I also own many weird and wonderful guitars, but I’ve never seen anything quite like this!

The Teuffel Birdfish guitar is the brainchild of Ulrich's Teuffel, a very interesting German builder. It’s totally different to any other guitar on the planet and can cover just about any guitar sound with its 5 interchangeable pickups and interchangeable wood tone bars; The tone-bars are made of traditional tone-wood: one pair is made of American Alder while the other is made of selected Michigan Maple. They give the guitar its basic wood sound, like any other electric guitar.  There is a lot going on with this guitar so it would be best to check out the website for more info. Here’s a link:  As far as playability goes, it’s really good to play, sounds pretty amazing and can cover a lot of different guitar sounds with the pickups supplied. They can be changed within a minute or two; pretty cool. These are limited to 500 and it comes with a very unique original gig bag.  



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