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Tokai Talbo Blazing Fire Aluminium Body - 1983

By Tokai


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I saw one of these in a guitar magazine 15 years ago and thought, wow I’d like try one of those! Well now I’ve finally had a play, I am blown away! The wonderful tone from the aluminium body is best described as bright, clean and sweet... polished even! The tremolo is sublime, the neck feels great and it’s a slick player! I can’t help think that when Tokai made this, they knew they would have to deliver given they were bucking a lot of guitar making-history; they certainly delivered!  The main feature is an aluminium body, and interesting to note, the word TALBO comes from; T for Tokai, AL for Aluminium and BO Body, weird huh? This one is circa 1983 and has some nicks and scratches from many gigs, and some patina associated with metal but everything works as it should though and weight-wise, it chimes in at 8.4 lbs. This sounds like a metallic Strat but louder! A cool guitar! Comes with a gig bag.



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