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Tonehound Vintage Series Relic 69 Telecaster Thinline - 2007

By Tonehound

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Tonehound guitars hail from a German company that have put together a worthy instrument loaded with good quality parts. It features a nice, solid-feeling, 60’s style neck (flamey too) that instantly makes this guitar a contender for Telecaster of the week! (A new award I just made up, plus it’s the only Tele that’s come in this week so it gets the award anyway). What looks to be a poplar body, with an aged sunburst finish and a very happening pearloid pickguard, all go together to complete a guitar that is based on a Fender Telecaster Thinline type one with single coils. Set-up is real good, it plays really well and sounds pretty darn good too. Not sure what the pickups are but they sound harmonically sweet and do the job perfectly. Comes with a gig bag.

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