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Ultratone Custom Forty Amp Head - 1967

By Ultratone

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An amazing looking amp head, made in Sydney in the late 60’s by Robert Moody. (Moody amps).  Tolex covering is original and has a rough texture that adds to the cool vibe of this head. Plugged in, this one sings! Sweet mids, highs with presence, and a low bottom end to boot! A great amp! Also has plenty of head room. This one has been seen on a couple of local websites here in Australia and interesting to note, the serial number is 4001. It’s been suggested that the serial numbers started at 4000, so this would have been number 1!  Hope all that’s true!  I played this through a Moody 2x12” speaker box with some old Rola speakers in it and it sounded amazing! If you’re looking for something that has a solid sound, but a tad different to an old Fender head, you’ve found it!


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