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Washburn Montgomery J6S - 1995

By Washburn

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This one is primarily a jazz box with its changed Benedetto pickup in the neck and its big, resonant hollow body, but, it’s Friday afternoon here and no-one’s in the shop so I’m cranking it up to see if it can handle a bit of psychobilly! Yes, indeed it does! Pretty well too! The Benedetto pickup has a 3 way selector switch which taps the pickup into 3 different modes, all the way down gives the pickup full power which in turn, gave me some amazing feedback, ala Jimi Hendrix! The bridge pickup sounds nice and sharp with a punchy tone; both pickups on, and switching the Benedetto switch upwards, gave me a super-sweet in-between mixture of the two; very nice! This guitar sports a real easy-playing neck as well; not too fat or skinny and reasonably wide at the nut which makes it easier to whizz around the fingerboard!  Condition is very good all-round except for a centimeter-size ding on the top near the bass-side “F” hole; not sure what’s happened here, maybe someone bumped into a mic stand? Overall, this is a very versatile guitar that could cater for a few different genres of music as well as being a cool couch guitar! Comes with a hard shell case.

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