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Wayne Harmonic Archtop Guitar - Circa 1952

By Wayne


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These little-known Wayne guitars originated in Ferntree Gully, Victoria (Australia) in the late 40’s by a chap named Harry West, (he made the little yellow Tex Morton guitars).  His Sons, Sid and John, later named their enterprise, Wayne guitars, after a band their Dad was playing in called, “Rudy Wayne and the Honolulu Boys”.  This is one of their guitars called a Wayne Harmonic.  It features a huge V shape neck, a 16” body with top and back binding and a single-coil pickup in the neck position hooked up to a volume and tone control. All really nice and simple but it works real well. Condition-wise, there’s lots of little bumps, scratches and dings everywhere which tells the story that this guitar was loved and used a lot. Playability is good, neck is reasonably straight despite not having a truss rod. Neck-set angle is good and bridge height is good too. These guitars were made tough and this one has lasted really well. All in all, a cool vintage Australian guitar that still has a few more footy seasons left in it. Comes with a hard case.

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