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Fender Custom Telecaster Sunburst Refin - 1969

By Fender

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Lovely body and neck refinish job done on this one, no idea when or by whom, but it looks fairly old. Headstock is the original finish.  It plays great and it also sounds great. This would make a killer gigging guitar for someone who prefers the real thing as opposed to a reissue guitar. (Not bagging out reissue’s; they are great too!). The pickups have been changed to a late 70’s set and they sound terrific; Lots of bite, bottom-end too, and I guess the aged-wood adds that punchiness to the sound as well. It sounds great in all three positions. Set-up and playability is excellent. It’s had a pro-refret with plenty of life left in them. The saddles have been changed to brass but the originals are in the case.  A splendid vintage Telecaster that looks very handsome with its double-bound body and rosewood fingerboard. These guitars have always been hard to find so this one represents great value if you’re in the market for one. Comes with its original black hard shell case.

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