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"WASP" Fuzz Pedal Competition!

Posted on August 28, 2013 by DG

"WASP" Fuzz Pedal Competition!

Hi Everyone,

I was digging around the back the of the shop other day, in a half-arsed attempt to clean the kitchen area, when I stumbled (more like tripped) over this cool little fuzz pedal called a Miji "Wasp", made by "Robbo". It's a pretty cool-sounding fuzz pedal.

If my memory serves me right, this was a trade-in with a bunch of guitars & pedals many years ago; possibly around 10 years ago. I remember at the time, putting it aside because it didn't take a battery & was only powered by a 9 volt power adapter (like a Boss one).

Anyway over the years it was thrown from box to box, room to room & shed to garage. It also survived one big shop move to the new premises! Then, all of a sudden, it rears its ugly little head up the other day as I'm cleaning. It's as if it had crawled its way to the top of the box of crap that it was in, popped it's head out & said, "Can you find me a new home please!" & "Not everyone uses batteries you know?”

I showed it to my work colleague Ben whose only comment was; "It looks like a box for a vanilla slice". I always value his opinion on things...

So, to avoid tripping over this thing for another 10 years, I've decided to find it a new home by having a competition.

Here we go:

Please look at the attached photo; there are 11 guitars in this photo; the first person to email me (on the shop's email address via the website), & tell me what the brand/model & the country where it was made, of all 11 guitars, will be the winner! Easy! (I hear you say.) Look at the pic again! There's some real weird stuff in there; the winner will have to know their wacky guitars! The prize winner gets to adopt this poor little neglected Miji Wasp pedal, that's been institutionalized for most of it's life, in & out of boxes! By the way, I understand that the pedal was made locally by someone called "Robbo". It may have come from down Geelong way but my memory ain't that good! If you know the builder or if it's you, send me an email too with some details of the pedal that I can post. This will be shipped FREE world-wide to the winner. Have fun & happy guessing!

Cheers Darren.

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