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Wasp Fuzz Competition Closed!

Posted on September 04, 2013 by DG

Well, thanks for all the entries to our Wasp Fuzz Competition!

The winner was Michael Casanova!  Well done Michael; you are a veritable encyclopaedia of wacky guitars!  Enjoy you Wasp fuzz pedal!


Here are the answers!


1/ Commodore / New Zealand

2/ Yamaha SG-2 / Japan

3/ Goya Rangemaster / Italy

4/ Silvertone Jupiter / USA

5/ Wandre Tri-Lam / Italy

6/ Guyatone LG60 / Japan

7 Egmond 3V / Netherlands

8/ Hopf Saturn 63 / Germany

9/ Danelectro U2 / USA

10/ Crucianelli Elite 40-V / Italy

11/ Baleani (Gemelli) / Italy

Here's a pic of the lucky winner Michael Casanova with his prize!



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