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Burns UK Flyte - c.1975

By Burns

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A fantastic 70’s Burns UK Flyte guitar in amazing condition. These were inspired the Concorde jet that was doing regular flights out of the UK before a mishap in Paris took them out of the air for good. (I was lucky enough to see one in the sky over London many years ago; it was amazing!) And, I get it that one would want to emulate that big bird in guitar form, why not?  And right now, for some reason, I have a craving for a pine-lime-splice icy-pole, not sure why!  Notable players of the Burns Flyte were Marc Bolin of T-Rex and members of Slade. This one is in excellent condition with hardly a mark on it! The Mach One Humbuster pickups sound pretty good with “out of phase” in the middle position. The neck is a very comfortable C shape and the frets are in excellent shape too. A beautiful guitar that comes with its original hard shell case.

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