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Gretsch Corvette Faded Cherry Finish - 1961

By Gretsch

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I plugged this one in and it instantly reminded me of a 60’s pre-pollution-gear car!  It was clear and unspoiled and wanted to go!  I don’t know if that makes any sense at all but this guitar has a “free spirit” feel to it.  (That probably doesn’t make any sense either!)  Anyway, this is a cool Gretsch Corvette from 1961, the pickup sounds great, the neck feels great too. It’s been around so it has its fair share of nicks, bumps and scratches but no major repairs or breaks.  It does sport and new pickguard made here and the old guard will come with it.  The finish has faded over the years and it comes with, possibly, its original, rough condition, soft shell case.

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