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Fender 25th Anniversary Stratocaster - 1979

By Fender

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These are a fascinating model - a particular run where the paint crazed-up dramatically and they were actually recalled, pretty much like some American cars of the day!  They have become sought after, so much so, that there’s a photo of one in the Fender Book by Bacon & Day (Page 42)!  Aside from that, it sounds the business; sweet maple-neck Strat tones backed by a medium profile neck and nicely weighted body. The tone epitomizes classic Strat’s across the pickup selections and it’s one hell of a vibe-packed guitar!  It does all of those 70’s Strat sounds confidently and with its own sparkle. A really unique and cool Strat!  The bridge saddles have been changed to a set of DiMarzio saddles but everything else looks correct. Weight is relatively light for a late 70’s Strat at 8.96lbs/4.06kg.  The one unfortunate thing about this guitar is; the paint is slowly falling off and it looks almost looks like Alligator skin!  In fact, it’s hard to tell but I think someone has glued some bits back on around the output jack.  Other than that, this is still a rare and collectible guitar and a pretty cool player at the same time. Comes with its original hard shell case.

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