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Fender D’Aquisto Standard Sunburst - 1985

By Fender

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As the story goes, Johnny D’Aquisto (hang-on, that doesn’t sound right; Joey D’Aquisto, nah, Dee Dee D”Aquisto, nup, Jimmy D”Aquisto; that’s it!) was asked by Fender to put a great deal of input into this model which resulted in this beautiful creation sitting in front of me at this particular moment in time. When people say, “It plays like butter” I usually scoff because I’m thinking of the rock-hard Western-Star variety I grew up with that you couldn’t spread if you tried and it would always end up ripping that fresh bread to pieces!  Is it like that butter?  Prolly not, but I’m starting to understand that saying a little more as I play this guitar. (and I guess, “it plays like Margarine” just doesn’t sound right). This is a lovely guitar in looks and playability; the pickups are unique, Schaller units if my memory is correct, and they sound awesome. It has a nice woody thump to it that you can really feel through the neck; I always like that; the sign of a resonant and responsive guitar!  The whole package, with its rosewood-made parts, works nicely together; this is an elegant archtop for the serious musician or collector alike!  Comes with its original hard shell case.

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