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Fender Jazzmaster Olympic White Refin - 1962

By Fender

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This old Jazzmaster (and its case) has that fantastic vintage guitar smell, you know, you open the case and go, oooh, it’s hard to describe; it’s old but not like Grandma’s mothballs, not like a classic car either, they have their own cool smell.  I don’t know, but if you know that smell, then you know!  I’ve played a lot of Jazzmaster’s to know that this is a good one!  The black-bottom pickups sound beautiful; sweet, jangly, crisp and filled with tone and harmonics. It’s had a body-only refinish and done a long time ago; actually, it was very hard to tell, so whoever did it; well done!  (I guess we’ll never know!)  The neck has its original finish and feels awesome!  Frets are down a bit, but if you a chord player, then it’s no biggie. If you’re blues-bender, then a refret will probably be the go.  All hardware, tuners, pots, switches, decal, everything else look correct on this old beast.  Looks like someone’s done a bit of over-zealous rubbing on the tailpiece, at some stage, but the tremolo works a treat!  This is a super-cool vintage Fender Jazzmaster; they’re getting hard to find!  Comes with its original blonde tolex hard shell case.

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