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Greco Super Real FA 67-75 Sunburst - 1987

By Greco

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A fine example of a Japanese-made arch-top in the spirit of an ES-175!  If you feel like playing jazz, noodling around, or you’re just in a creative mood to come up with something new, then this guitar could be for you. Armed with a very slick, low action and a superfast-playing thin neck, a set of light flat-wounds; this beast is ready to go!   It’s loaded with its original pickups that sound great and the neck is a thin-taper c.1961 style neck. It features an open-book headstock, double parallelogram inlays, even a faded orange label; all very Super-Real, hence the name. These were the top of the range, back in the day, and it’s hard to find anything since that has come as close to the real thing. The tone of this one reminds me of that classic Joe Pass sound on the neck pickup. Plucky and sweet with both pickups engaged and warm and bitey in the bridge! This guitar is well looked after for its age and has its own mojo. Weight is a very reasonable 6.43lbs/2.92kg.  Comes with a hard shell case.

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