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Liberty MS-150 MIJ - 1968

By Liberty

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There’s a well-known and over-used phrase, “Think outside the box”; this guitar makes you “Play outside the box”; dunno if that makes sense but when I play this guitar, I play whole bunch of new and interesting stuff I’ve never played before! It’s not the greatest guitar in the world, so I won’t “over-egg the pie”, but it does have something very cool going on. It has emoji, I mean, mojo! (I hate predictive text!) Anyway, the single-coil pickups have a nice depth to them but are as noisy as hell, tremolo is blocked and there’s no arm and there’s no dot position markers on the binding to tell you where to play. (Maybe that’s why I was playing outside the box?) Good features; it looks awesome! The bound headstock and raised logo are super-cool!  There’s plenty of switches and knobs, that actually work and give some nice tones. The top and back are a flame veneer and it has the good old German carve around the body and it plays real good! Oh yeah, it’s cheap. Sounds like? Think Jesus and Mary Chain; yes, complete with enjoyable feedback when plugged into a distortion pedal! A very cool and interesting guitar. No case.

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