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Maison FA-760 D - c.1980s

By Maison

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Sounding like something elegant and French, is this delightful archtop, and very similar to a Gibson ES175, but with slightly smaller body dimensions. Beautifully-made and with nice attention to detail, this guitar plays really well and sounds the business too. These were made in Korea and were primarily made for the Japanese domestic market. One could easily mistake this for a Japanese-made guitar as it’s been made to a reasonably high standard and the early ones were reported to be more of a hand-made guitar, so hence the quality. The set-up is excellent and it has a great-feeling and playing neck. Both pickups sound very nice and fit the bill perfectly. The deep body purveys a sweet bottom-end to the tone of this guitar.  I’m a sucker for those double-parallelogram inlays so I’m going to sit here and play this one a little bit longer! No case. 


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