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Rickenbacker 330/12 Mapleglo - 2009

By Rickenbacker

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An sweet-looking Ricky 330/12 in mapleglo! They don’t come any better than this; the benchmark in electric 12 string guitars! This one is in amazing condition and plays beautiful too. It features two Hi-Gain pickups, although personally, I wouldn’t have called them that as they are chimey, jangly, not hot at all, and suit these guitars perfectly!  This one is in squeaky-clean condition with no major dings or marks. No repairs or mods either. There is one little mishap with the logo; looks like it's been knocked at some stage right on the point. (I've heard that Rickenbacker will swap these over for a new one for a small fee). This guitar plays real nice too and not to mention, it has that great Ricky 12 string sound! Comes with Original Hard Shell Case.



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