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Versoul Raya 6 Baritone Guitar - 2006

By Versoul

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The Versoul Raya 6 Baritone guitar is hand-made in Finland by a very nice and clever chap called Kari Nieminen. He’s pretty good too; he does the lot; designs, builds and even makes his own pickups which sound excellent.  The action is great on this guitar and the strings are a nice balance between a bass guitar and a baritone guitar, so you could do both in a band-sense with this one if you wanted; it’s very versatile. It sits nicely and is very comfortable to play and the two volume controls offer a cool blend between the two pickups which could corner most good bass sounds too.  I couldn’t resist cranking up the tremolo on my amp and banging out some Glen Campbell classics; “Galveston oh, Galveston, I still hear your sea…” Beep beep; Ah, did I just hear someone beeping a car horn telling me to keep it down? (I know I was singing as well as playing but I thought I was in key…)  Maybe I’m just paranoid but I’m digging this Bari from Finland; in fact, if it was mine I’d probably name it Barry.  Side-note; Ronnie Wood, Keith Richards, Billy Gibbons and Pete Townshend have a few Versoul guitars in their stash along with many other big name stars. To me, that pretty-much says it all.  Comes with a hard shell case and COA.

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